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Everyone deserves to get educated regardless of their circumstances and circumstances should not be defining a person. This pithy statement defines what Aditi Global Education is all about and why it came into being. The founders of Aditi Global Education wanted to be the chariots of hope and a provider of opportunities to students who had the capacity but were unfortunate victims of high capitation fees or qualifying examinations.

We are located in the Kolkata,Murshidabad,Bangluru(karnataka)India as well as abroad, to attract the best students and maintain close contact with universities.payment of fees,locating suitable accommodation, guiding students type of food and availability,weather conditions with suitable clothing.

We have mentored more than 7000 students from India to complete medical degree from abroad. Presently more than 6000 students from India studying medical degree via Aditi Global Education at KYRGYZSTAN,RUSSIA,UZBEKISTAN,BANGLADESH, TAJIKISTAN, GEORGIA, KAZAKHSTAN AND BARBADOS . We are being proactive in our approach and are aggressively trying to be able to help the healthcare industry by producing well-educated and qualitatively superior health warriors (doctors). This way we are bringing to the fore a grassroots perspective, which is now very apparent in times of COVID 19 pandemic. We are just not satisfied being a consultant. We consider ourselves to be part of a grand healthcare challenge and are striving to be an important cog in the wheel i.e. global healthcare industry.


ADITI GLOBAL EDUCATION is deeply engaged, in planning and efforts, to be the beacon which helps in the far-reaching transformation of medical science education and practice for an unprecedented advancement in human health. To provide global leadership to the profession of health education and health promotion and to promote the health of society.


ADITI GLOBAL EDUCATION through its implementation of various path-breaking ideas, is continuously striving to meet the increased expectations of the students about their education in a globally connected world.

ADITI GLOBAL EDUCATION's approach to education involves preparing the students to carry what they have learnt beyond the confines of the university. ADITI GLOBAL EDUCATION wants to be a part of the practical efforts its students will be making for the community they will be professionally serving in.