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Avicenna Tajik State Medical University (ATSMU) is a public university in Tajikistan. Established in 1939 with the name Abu Ali Ibn Sino University as school of medical personnel.

During the last years the capacity of the University was strengthened by opening various resources, scientific and clinical centers, such as Stem Cells Laboratory, Evidence-based Medicine Centre, Drug Information Centre, Educational-clinical Centre "Stomatology", Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, Clinical Skills Centre etc. Some centers and the laboratories working within framework of the ATSMU are unique in the republic, and provide methodological support to scientific and medical establishments at the national level.

ATSMU is included in the catalogue of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and the Directory of the Medical Universities of the World Health Organization. The improvement of the quality of education and advancement of the level of training of the medical staff for the system of public health of the country is the priority goal of the management of the University. To attain this goal the experience of the best foreign medical educational institutions and also all existing real opportunities of the University itself are adopted.


Rector ATSMU

Welcome to our medical academy, an institution replete with tradition, values, enthusiasm, quality and International prestige. Our educational model is student-oriented. Opportunities to learn for yourself and to participate in a research project are highly recommended. Throughout your medical training, you will witness many very rich Opportunities to exchange opinions and ideas with classmates from different countries, thus increasing your awareness of Cultural diversity and placing you on the correct track to treat patients of different cultures. In our renowned program of medicine in the community, opportunities to increase your clinical skills abound. Your participation in supporting The underserved population will be enormously appreciated and of immense benefit to you. you will be one of the foreign students who develop, practice and master bilingual skills while also developing skills related to humanism, professionalism, and altruism. The Avicenna Tajik state medical university works arduously to assure that at the end of your training you will be a physician with a special profile: a Knowledgeable, Dutiful, Clinician, Communicator, Researcher, and long-term learner for the benefit of the community.


ATSMU has distinguished for its highest academic standards as well as an individual approach to each student. We always take the students interests into consideration and create a safe and comfortable environment for learning.

Our students are employed by private, public and international organizations and are competitive both locally and internationally. Those willing to continue studies abroad easily manage admission to world-renowned universities – due to the excellent knowledge and skills acquired at ATSMU.