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Our Faculty

The faculty of Aditi Global Education are distinguished scholars and renowned for shaping and defining the medical field of study. The faculty are also infused with a strong sense of pride in their teaching and a profound commitment that their work as educators will have a dramatic impact in defending the fundamental values and the style of intellectual life that defines the University. They believe passionately that liberal education is a momentous calling and an ever-challenging responsibility, a project involving the highest standards of excellence and going deep into the bones of the University.

Boarding and Lodging

Living in University housing is a great way to support students academic success and international study shows students who have a student housing experience have a better overall college experience and make more lasting connections and friendships.Student housing is important to ADITI GLOBAL EDUCATION for student well being, health and security.

At ADITI GLOBAL EDUCATION, we provide boarding and lodging with low cost without compromising with the quality, safety and security of our students.

Course Objectives

At ADITI GLOBAL EDUCATION we encourage the students to develop expertise and an aptitude to gain the power to analyze, apply new knowledge, evaluate and identify problems, gaps and missing links and then suggest solutions to alleviate human sufferings and confront wisely new challenges affecting human health and well-being.

We intend our students to grasp evidence-based education and have the expertise to correctly diagnose and effectively treat illness, either alone or as part of a team of health professionals.We guide our students to have compassion, ethical approach, sense of social responsibility and respect for fellow professionals as well as others from non-medical backgrounds.

Our Course Objective involves developing excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, for them to make a greater impact when discharging their professional duties which also includes dissemination/ transmission of critical medical information with their fellow health professionals or experts.

We also train them to give practical exhibitions and explanations of how to deal with health issues when they get entwined in issues typical of a diverse population viz. ethnicity, culture, religion, gender or class. This sensitization will allow the students to deal in a responsible manner and serve the patients with humility, sensitivity, broader understanding and maturity.